How to Fix Repeater Issues ?

Whole world is facing issues of network speed while downloading and uploading of data from and to server. Developed Countries like USA, Japan, France and China are developing 5G Model for communication devices. They are on the advanced stage ,but still facing lots of Issues of speed .Every network now or later requires a device like repeater to boost the speed or to regenerate the original communication pattern released by the network from origin.

Whenever we bought new router ,however nowadays routers are very powerful and dynamic devices ,but still in some conditions and places ,its fails.I suggest to you must visit the before buying new repeater.

The major issues in repeater falls in the categories of Wireless repeater due to following reasons.

  • Wireless repeater are very convoluted to setup due to different SSID id of both router and repeater and they didn’t synchronized  automatically when they updated.
  • As Wireless repeater are difficult to setup ,in same fashion they are difficult to use as well 
  • The Signal generated in the repeater is not actually amplified in wireless repeater  ,they actually boosted 
  • One of the biggest disadvantages of using Wireless repeater is that poor connectivity between two computers and even bandwidth becomes half of the original.

Various Factors that must be considered ,before buying a wi-fi repeater;

Before buying a brand new wireless repeater ,you need to check the coverage of current repeater by using the component name heatmapper to check where the actual fault is.

Second Factor that need to be consider before buying new repeater is the compatibility with router 

If you still find any issue to setup repeater ,then you need to link up with and ask technician to clear your doubts

Network Communication devices like extender, booster and repeater almost perform same functionality but terms are used interchangeably. Expert opinion must be chosen before selecting the right and perfect range of extender or repeater. The latest device that you choose to boost for  your network communication must be compatible with IEEE 802.11 wi-fi standards .We supposed to have good result from the devices ,once they will have regularly updated.