FAQ for Myrepeater.net Login

1.Can you configure repeater as an access point?

Yes, you can configure the repeater as an access point mode from myrepeater.net login in order to set up repeater as an AP mode you need an ethernet wire which should be connected in between router and repeater after that during the setup you can choose set up as an AP mode.

2.Would it increase internet speed?

No, Internet speed depends on the cable company service plan. In the example, you have a 100 Mbps plan it means the 100 Mbps you will be getting for multiple wireless devices and that same speed repeater going to extend into the dead zone.For more knowledge and information ,do visit to myrepeater.net

3.Can we use multiple repeaters at the same time?

Yes, we can use multiple repeaters at the same time with a single router. But all repeaters will work with the router in a different location around the router, you can't extend repeater to repeater for more wifi coverage.

4.Would it extend router 5GHz wireless network?

There is plenty of other extenders comes in the market which works with a dual-band router. But this repeater only works with 2.4GHz because the purpose of this repeater to give you more wifi coverage and the only 2.4GHz wireless radio network gives you large wifi area.

5.How do i know my wifi repeater is working?

Go to the wifi setting in your device look for _Ext network and connect with it by using the regular password of your wifi router, If the device is securely connected and you could go online it means wifi repeater is working and you will see the green solid light on the wifi repeater. You can have your Myrepeater,net page setting from your vendor.

6.What is the wifi repeater?

Wifi repeater is a wifi booster which extends the regular router wireless signal to the dead zone. you can configure multiple repeaters with your router.To get the wifi repeater setting ,you can login to myrepeater.net website page

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