Firmware Update for Login

If you are non techie and you are not able to call network expert , then could be the best portal for you to setup and configure your devices like repeater and router for your own home. For this you need to login at login with the repeater management window by entering default network address “” and after connecting to the repeater management console window ,you can configure it for your personal devices is the public domain or portal which helps anyone to setup and configure repeater without any expert help

If you want to setup your own repeater then simply adopt following steps
• Open any new updated browser
• Enter in the address bar
• Open the login page
• Start the setup process

Sometime we have to update the firmware software so that our repeater device must be compatible with the latest network standards. It could be updated manually or automatically with the latest version of firmware update.
If repeater creating issues consistently, then, to update the firmware software is the best option, updated to the latest version, it covers all the security issues which arise in the repeater device.

Why there is need to update Firmware

Internet is doing complex day by day as network grows every day. Latest network devices are in the market which enhances the connectivity with device in order to resolve the poor connectivity issues and range issues and poor speed issues too. These are the few factors which might be able to frustrate any users to access internet every corner of the home. This is due to poor performance of the repeater device or its functionality.
How these factors could be cured. One of the best alternatives to improve the performance of these issues in repeaters is to update firmware from Login or simply reset the device with default Company Setting from

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